Vuelve a los Orígenes

When returning from a National Park the lawyer is a better lawyer; the engineer, a better engineer; the architect a better architect  and the tailor a better tailor.

“Life is contrast, and those who live in cities all year round are fed up with the wall of the house opposite, the noise of the street, the shop windows, the long hours at work and the artificial urban life. In one word, they crave, as it is natural, to contemplate a pristine and wild nature, the more virgin and braver the better, in which the trees have not been cut , the animals have not been killed and the landscape has not been destroyed or deteriorated. They want to be in a place where they can wander , browse freely, oxygenate the body and the spirit …
(Pedro Pidal and Bernaldo de Quirós, 1932)

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El entorno paradisiaco y las actividades relajantes son un placer inigualable



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